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December 19, 2018

Meet the Carers: The Wellington Family

sam website sizedSpencer and Satchmol love nothing more than having an extra pack member to share their home with and join them for walks. They get really excited when a new doggie comes for sleepovers and they go out of their way to welcome new guests (human and canine!)

They live with their human family, mum Sam, dad Nick and brother Josh in a pretty location in Melton, Woodbridge.  Here they are surrounded by many beautiful walks to keep any dog happy and content, their mum is around during the day and then with Josh coming home from school they have extra cuddles and playtimes!

Spencer and Satchmol say “we welcome new friends (young or old) to join us in our fun and happy home, we will make sure that every day is like a holiday!”  Woof, Woof