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December 13, 2019

Terms and Conditions


We take great pride in the care of any animal in our charge and request that leads, collars, harnesses etc are in good condition, fit for purpose and the correct fitting to ensure your dog’s safety at all times.

All dogs will be walked on a lead, should you wish your dog to be exercised off lead then please indicate this by signing your acceptance on the ‘Boarding Requirement’ form.  This goes along with you accepting responsibility of any outcome of this action, including if your dog causes a confrontation with another animal and causes harm

You confirm that you are the owner of the dog(s) and that you authorise Holiday Dogs to act as guardian during your absence and to take any action which he/she considers suitable in order to protect and keep your dog in good health.  You confirm that you are responsible for any costs which might be incurred, either veterinary or other, as a result of any sickness, accident or damage caused to or by your dog(s) and that you will pay any such costs or expenses on demand.  You also understand that no liability will attached to Holiday Dogs.  

Pre Boarding Visit

To ensure that your dog(s) has an enjoyable stay with us is it is a requirement that we meet all new dogs prior to acceptance of boarding.   We have the dog’s best interest in mind and it is paramount that our host carers are completely satisfied upon acceptance into home boarding.  Some host carers will require a daycare/temperament assessment prior to committing to boarding, this will be at an additional cost, please enquire for further details.


We reserve the right to refuse any dog(s) into our care should we feel that they do not fit our criteria.


Annual vaccinations must be up to date, including the kennel cough vaccine.  Your dog(s) vaccination certificate(s) must be left upon drop off for the duration of your dog’s stay.   

Your dog(s) must be free of worms, ticks and fleas and up to date with relevant treatments of the same. Any infestation of worms, ticks or fleas will be treated following veterinary advice at your expense.

Although host carers will only board one owner’s dog each time, you give your acceptance that in some circumstances your dog may be boarded with another dog.  This is usually in the case where the host carer already has their own pet dog(s), or if there is an overlap in drop off/collection.  Please call Mary-Ann, 07712 270415 should you wish to discuss this further. 

In Special Cases

 Some dogs may not be suited to home boarding and it could be that for their own safety and that of others that they will require to be kennelled.  Please note that this is only in extreme circumstances, but should this prove necessary then we reserve the right to kennel your dog(s).  The charges for this will be met by you and the costs of your dog stay with HOLIDAY DOGS will still apply.

Arrival and Departure Dates and Times

 We understand that delays can sometimes happen and we will therefore be as flexible as possible.  It is a requirement that you notify us of any such delays, should the boarding require extending then charges will apply. 

Owners who decide to collect their dog(s) earlier than the agreed time/date will not be given a refund .


 Please supply any medication with full written instructions, not only of doses, but how your dog has experienced the administering of such.  Please also ensure that any special instructions are given in writing with full detail.

Vet Details

In some cases it may be necessary for your dog to visit the vet during their stay, in this case we will use your registered vet (please provide details below) providing they are within reasonable driving distance.  If however your registered vet is not local then we reserve the right to use a selected vet.   Owners will be liable for all veterinary fees and these must be settled in full prior to collection of the dog(s).

 It is a requirement that you state any medical conditions in writing together with details on medication required.  Please also state any recent veterinary treatment that your dog(s) has received, this could give us valid information regarding your dog’s health during your absence.

It is important that we have the correct contact details for you while you are away, or in an emergency then a name and telephone details of your nominated emergency contact

Should your dog(s) become ill/injured during their stay we will make every effort to contact you or your nominated emergency contact.  If all attempts to contact you fail and decisions need to be made upon the welfare of the dog(s) then we will act upon the judgement of the vet.